China’s tropical log imports up 2% in 2016


China’s tropical log imports in 2016 totalled 9.1 million cubic metres, up 2% year-on-year and accounted for 19% of the national total. The value of tropical log imports in 2016 was $2.435 billion reflecting, a 15% decline, as ITTO reported.

Before its log export ban Myanmar was a major source of tropical logs for China. However, China’s log imports from Myanmar in 2016 fell to just 132,700 cubic metres valued at $170.98 million. The average price for imported logs from Myanmar surged in 2016 to $1,289 per cubic metre.

The average price for imported tropical logs in 2016 was $267 per cubic metre, a year on year drop of 16%.

China imported tropical logs mainly from Papua New Guinea (36%), Solomon Islands (25%), Equatorial Guinea (12%), Cameroon (6%), Congo Brazzaville (5%) and Nigeria (3%). Just 10 countries supplied 94% of China’s tropical log requirements in 2016.

Log imports from Ghana and Equatorial Guinea surged 121% and 65% in 2016 respectively. Countries from which tropical log imports declined greatly included Nigeria (-43%) and Laos (-38%).

The main port for tropical log imports in 2016 was Nanjing Port which accounted for 87% of all tropical log imports.