SINOPAPEL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED as a number of China Paper Corp, is an integrated morden paper group which focus on developing, manufacturing and distributing speciality paper. Main products include carbonless copy paper, thermal paper, self-adhesive papers/films, release paper, greaseproof paper and etc.

We equipped with state-of-the-art paper machines(ABK,VALMET) , coaters(BMB) and slitters(KAMPF,LEMU), those spread in our paper plant, coating plant and converting&printing plant. Currently our annual output is over 120000 tons.

To provide quality assurance to our worldwide customers, We have implemented a technologically advanced solutions using ABB, Distributed Control System (DCS), Quality Control System (QCS) and detailed inspection process to ensure that every sheet or roll of paper is up to customer’s expectation. Further, the performance of our products is continuously tested and improved using ISO standard and certified testing equipments. Throughout all these, we aim at providing our customers high quality paper with the best value in the market. We emphasize our employee should do their best to solve every problem professionally in every conversation and to look after their customers’ needs everyday, to ensure each customer is satisfied with our service.

With the development of decades, under the joint efforts made by every staff of us and continuous support from our business partners, we have delicated ourselves as an innovative enterprise with strong competitive edge in speciality paper industry. Nowadays our products hold a great market share in domestic market, and are widely exported to over 30 countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan,  UAE, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Brazil etc.





Thermal Paper


Direct thermal printing is a contactless printing process which uses heat transfer. A large number of small heating elements are mounted over the entire width of the thermal print head. This means that a thermal printer has very few moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance. The heating elements transfer heat directly to the thermal paper and there, the functional layer of the thermal paper reacts with a pigmentation creating a printed image. 


Carbonless Copy Paper


Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, Non carbon copy paper, self copy paper, auto copy paper etc, is a kind of paper coated by Microcapsule and/or color Developer. It includes CB, CFB & CF. CB (coated back): The back of the base paper was coated with microcapsule. CFB (coated front & back): The base paper was coated with color developer on front and microcapsule on back. CF (coated back): The front of the base paper was coated with color developer on front.


Self-adhesive Paper&Film


Whether you order self adhesive paper or film, these components – face stock, adhesive, release coating and release liner – must all work together seamlessly to create the label quality and performance that your business requires. That’s just one reason we are constantly developing the components that go into our pressure sensitive laminates.


Sublimation Transfer Paper


Sublimation transfer paper is a very important consumable in the transfer printing. Special patterns are used to print various patterns on a special type of paper, and then the pattern is transferred to the product by temperature and pressure.Sublimation transfer is based on the principle of dye sublimation in the ink. The dye sublimation penetrates into the fabric fiber during thermal transfer to complete the transfer printing. 


Digital Printing

Dye Sublimation Paper