Thermal Paper

Jumbo reel thermal paper

Direct thermal printing is a contactless printing process which uses heat transfer. A large number of small heating elements are mounted over the entire width of the thermal print head. This means that a thermal printer has very few moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance. The heating elements transfer heat directly to the thermal paper and there, the functional layer of the thermal paper reacts with a pigmentation creating a printed image.

Additional coatings on the front and back can protect the thermal coating from environmental influences and optimize the properties of the product for specific requirements such as printability, lamination, durability etc. Of course, as well as text and graphics, all types of barcodes can be printed.  Simple, reliable and fast.

Thermal paper is most frequently used for POS(Point of Sales) application, such as receipts from super markets, gas stations, restaurants, and etc.



1. Raw material:100% virgin pulp

2. Printing adaptability: High smoothness, high paper intention, good printing adaptability, Good absorbency of ink

3. Imaging ability: Fast image develop, dark image, clear to read, good image duration

4. Quality and service: Strict quality control, professional after sale service

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