Sublimation transfer paper

Jumbo reel Sublimation transfer paper



Sublimation transfer paper is a very important consumable in the transfer printing. Special patterns are used to print various patterns on a special type of paper, and then the pattern is transferred to the product by temperature and pressure.Sublimation transfer is based on the principle of dye sublimation in the ink. The dye sublimation penetrates into the fabric fiber during thermal transfer to complete the transfer printing. This transfer can withstand the sun and rain without fading, and the color is bright. The level is clear and the stereo is strong. Since the dyeing of the thermal sublimation transfer penetrates into the fabric fiber, the fabric after transfer has no additional hand feeling, and does not change the original texture and feel of the fabric. The original soft fabric will still be soft as originally transferred.




1. Fast drying;

2. Good color rendering;

3. Excellent transfer clarity;

4. Good paper performance;

5. Quality and service: Strict quality control, professional after sale service.

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