Carbonless Copy Paper

Carbonless paper rolls/sheets

Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, Non carbon copy paper, self copy paper, auto copy paper etc, is a kind of paper coated by Microcapsule and/or color Developer. It includes CB, CFB & CF. CB (coated back): The back of the base paper was coated with microcapsule. CFB (coated front & back): The base paper was coated with color developer on front and microcapsule on back. CF (coated back): The front of the base paper was coated with color developer on front.

Normally, in a multiple ply NCR documents, the top sheet is CB and bottom sheet is CF, all the other sheets between is CFB. When writing on the top of multiple ply NCR documents, the pressure from the writing instrument causes the microcapsules (on the back of CB & CFB) break, the contains will react with the developer (on the front of CFB & CF) and finally realize auto copy.

Carbonless paper is widely used in multiple ply documents such as banking note, ways bills, invoices, stock list, order list, courier way bill, air/ocean way bill, pos roll etc.



1. Raw material: 100% virgin pulp

2. Printing adaptability: Good printing adaptability, Good absorbency of ink

3. Imaging ability: Fast image development, good image intensity

4. Aging – resistant: Good light Durability, good abrasion resistance

5. Dimension stability: Good dimension stability, precise overprint and collating.

6. Quality and service: Stable quality control, professional after sale service


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