Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper,baking paper

Greaseproof paper and barrier paper are ideal packaging materials for food containing fat and water. The paper is specially treated to prevent penetration of fat and moisture into the paper structure and through it, thus preserving the packaged food as well as the packaging and its printing in perfect condition. Our oil and grease resistant papers have a wide range of applications in the food packaging industry. They are designed and certified for direct food contact. Common use cases include food service wraps, the manufacture of paper bags, and laminating with other materials where paper serves as one of the functional layers of composite packaging.




1, The paper surface is flat, bright and clean

2, The paper roll can be made on customer's demand

3, Paper surface in flat, even, free of appearance flaw like folds, bubble, spot, torn, lump, or bug
4, Paper is uniform in color, no dramatic difference in the same lot of paper                          
5, Professional quality control system
6, Food grade FDA and SGS certificated
7, Wax paper is used to prevent water,oil and dirty dust
8, Wrapping of meat,fruit,vegitable to hold fresh and prevent bad smelling
9, Colors cold printability
10, Food grade and industrial grade available



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